A lonely only child, (in the seventies, mind you), little Robert could be seen running,
with sheet serving as a cape, in the backyard and playing superhero.
He also spent many hours drawing or writing in his mid-sized Ohio town.

Through the years he has been rewarded with two beautiful daughters
and a wonderful wife who actually tolerates his sometimes unorthodox style.
Having also battled depression, Robert now sees how his low points have
brought him to a more creative, stronger sense of being.
Now he is where he wants to be, and is telling the stories
he is meant to tell. His other interests include
reading, motorcycle touring, fitness.

FF: “Now that we know a bit about you, why vampires?”

Robert: “I’m not entirely sure. I know there are times when the bloody theme of vampires is overdone. When it struck me one day to use vampires as a basis in the story, I saw the many avenues the story could take. The coffin was nailed shut on the decision when I realized the conduit a vampire could be for a vigilante. And also, a woman with fangs is frickin’ sexy.”

FF: “But Annie is a hybrid, a dhampir?”

Robert: “That’s right. She began life as full human, and she had a horrific life starting out. But inside her was a secret waiting to appear when the time was right. When it did come out, she had very little time to figure out how to deal with the new her.”

FF: “I’m thinking some of the topics are, what should I say, strong for some?”

Robert: “Sure, for many, the story of Annie is a slap to the face. I am not writing to be controversial, but I also will not be politically correct and afraid of riding parallel to the truth. There are real evil things going on in the world today, and instead of recognizing the objective truth and seeking solutions, we keep bogging ourselves down with doing the same things that get us nowhere.
Maybe we need more vigilantes.
I am writing the way I tend to act, and that is blunt and to the point. Not rude, however. Not normally (Laughs). To the point is how I am. It is who I have become to deal with the time I have lost. I used to be shy and timid, and I still fight that tired old me occasionally. But life is too short to be pulling weeds when you should be planting trees.“

FF: “Thank you!”

Robert: “Thank you for your time!”

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"I am the vampire within you."

If you suddenly grew fangs, and you had to feed or die, what would you do?
Meet Annie. She is not living your typical vampire life!

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