CrowdPublishTV - The Future of Empowerment is Your Story
Use this checklist for outreach during your CrowdPublishTV campaign:

Blasts & Posts
Add your campaign link to your email signature.

Send an email to all your friends and fans. Tips for building your email list

Post fun photos or short videos of you or your work (e.g. your dog reading your book) with a link to your CrowdPublishTV campaign on all your social media profiles (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Do this every day.

Hold contests in your social media accounts and post the link to your campaign. Try a photo contest for your followers to post pictures that incorporate your latest movie title or book title that include the link to your campaign.

Targeted Outreach
Ask high-profile Twitter users, bloggers, or leaders in your field to mention your campaign to their followers and fans. Make sure to tell them how it would benefit them to notify their fans and colleagues about your campaign.

Get several of your facebook friends who have a lot of followers in your target audience (such as other storytellers) to do livestream interviews with you on their Facebook wall.

Get your collaborators, fans, peers, cast and crew to help. Give them specific action items such as the Blast and Outreach items in this checklist.

Summarize your story and give it newsworthy context to turn it into an awesome press release. Research journalists and send your press release to the appropriate ones. Tips for press releases

Host an event. Rally friends and fans with a reading or performance. Make and wear "Campaign Buttons" with a picture of you or your book cover. Have someone sit at the door with a tablet so people can purchase perks when they arrive and sign in. Send out a link to all your RSVPs.