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Suggestions for perks to offer fans

When storytellers select Suggested Perks while creating their crowdfunding campaign, details for each Perk are also suggested, but can be modified.

Have even better ideas for Suggested Perks? Send suggestions to info@CrowdPublish.TV

Informative or comedic Social Media Post
Behind the Scenes Premium Blog Access
Premium Video for Patrons' Social Media
Name in Credits of the next video you produce
Interactive 30 Line Story
Live Content
Live Online Reading on video call
Tickets to your local Event
Facebook Livestream Acting
Play Video Game with fans
Interactive TV
Make an Appearance at fans' Party
Actor Coaching
Miscellaneous Perks
Interactive 30 Line Story
Facebook Video Post where fans' friends can see your work
Facebook Livestream Reading of fan's story
Live Online Reading on 10 min. Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype call
Tickets to your local Event
Murder Mystery reading via google hangouts
Make an Appearance at Book Club Meeting
Expert Consultation
Special content relevant to your book
Include Fans' Name in the credits at the end of your next chapter
Fans Name the next Character in your book
Advance Chapter Access