MaryAnn's Birthday Fundraiser

MaryAnn Keyser


I'm turning 26 this year, and I'd like to take the opportunity to give back to an organization that has been an important part of my life for the better part of the past 6 years, The Academy Theatre.

One of the greatest things about our organization is its inclusiveness. Anyone from any background, race, financial situation, gender, sexuality, etc can try acting, regardless of experience. Adults put on one play per year, and sometimes if we're lucky we even get to try improv. For the students, it goes even more in depth, with singing, dancing, and life skills being taught in addition to acting. As the Coordinator of the Girls Drama Academy, I've seen the impact this organization has on the lives of the youth. The pressure-free & fun environment encourages those who may not be so willing to try acting in front of their peers or adults to finally get their chance to shine. Shy girls & boys who just need a little nudging to break from their shells blossom into well-adjusted adults. Of course, those who are outgoing fit in just as well, becoming confident leaders. All this in addition to putting on fun community events! These are just some of the reasons why I've been a part of this organization since 2011. A creative outlet is essential, giving society a mirror to reflect upon itself. It is my belief that no organization provides this potential creative outlet more inclusively than The Academy Theatre. I hope you'll consider giving. Thank you!

Our mission statement:

The mission of this organization is to provide instruction in theatre, acting, voice, dance, music, literature, and management for little to no cost regardless of a child’s experience or a family’s income. We provide life building skills and leadership proficiency in preparation for high school, college and adult life and we promote members to see each other as equals and enhance a child’s self-esteem, self-determination, self-productivity, self-discipline, and stronger character traits. We believe that every child has the ability to perform at a level to build this confidence among themselves and in turn fulfilling a sense of accomplishment and success every parent wants for their child. The vision of this organization is to create a unique arts organization where members will acquire all these skills as part of their participation. We promote positive social skills and reinforce discouragement of chemical dependencies and/or civil infractions and salvage traditional values. Furthermore, it is the goal of the Academy Theatre to instill in the hearts of its members a genuine fondness for production, stage, film and literature arts resulting in transformed, well cultured, well balanced, self reliant young adults and positive citizens of the community.

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