Budget Justified - Sexual Assault in Government Offices

Lisa Schaefer, Ph.D.


The book and movie are complete. Moving forward, this phase is about getting the word out there about where your taxpayer dollars are spent, what happens to the few women who are brave enough to go into the engineering field, and why they leave...

Lack of work ethic and leadership is apparent not just in the air traffic control towers run by the FAA, as reported widely in the news. A dearth of motivation pervades the entire organization.

A few years ago, an FAA employee masturbated in front of a female engineering contractor. The next day, in spite of (or because of?) her advanced education and her attempts to develop “perfect airspace” solutions, the woman was fired. So rather than go back to another FAA contractor position, she used her talents to produce Budget Justified, a movie, web series, and video-short reenacting what she witnessed in FAA and contractor offices.

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