A legend reborn

myron edwards


To bring the legend of the Goddess Aphrodite back to life, to show that she is more than a piece of fiction that her story is a real one, and that evidence of her existence is around today. If you believe. This is a phenomenon that is alongside the mysteries of this world, more tangible than other so called legends, my belief is that a film or a TV series based on my books will rejuvenate this island and give the goddess the recognition that she deserves. Too long she has just been a symbol used in commercialisation, she deserves more than to be portrayed as a chalk statue,or a tourist's keep sake. She is after all the Goddess of Love, she needs to honored not commercialised.

We first meet Richard Cole when he is a serving soldier, in the first Golf War, his experience with war horrifies him when he is called to witness the slaughter at Highway 80. His saviour is the Goddess Aphrodite whom he has become attached too, in dreams she appears to him, reassuring him that she will keep him safe. He survives the war but his post-traumatic stress is with him as he returns to civilian life. A chance visit to Aphrodite's Rock creates in Richard a whole new persona as he becomes obsessed with the Goddess after finding her image on a photo shoot he takes with his wife Julie. Richard's obsession with the goddess and his spectacular find creates in him almost a dual personality as his obsession with the goddess becomes real and he begins to see her in as a real person. Passion and desire turn to fear as his companions and wife only see his personality change as a symptom of his PTSD returning. Richard tries to keeps his secret to himself, but the goddess is powerful and means to possess him. Soon he will have to choose between what is real and what he imagines.