Become Confident & Engaging in Sales

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The mission of this course is to become better (more confident, natural, engaging, and actually enjoy) at sales. We'll delve into the internal & external how, what, and why you're in sales. After this course, you will have a newfound perspective on selling yourself.

Welcome to "A Holistic Approach to Embodying Sales."

Find your "AHA!!" in Sales.

I'm Evelynn Jones, a Sales and Marketing Expert with over seven years of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service experience. I've worked with startups, marketing agencies, and top companies worldwide. These companies and clients have received strategies, clarity, sales, and guidance from me.

Experience and accomplishments:

● Top-performing Lead Generation/Customer Service Rep at a local Marketing Agency in 2018.

● Generated over $240k in sales for a fast-growing startup company in 11 months, contributing to corporate sales growth.

● Has written and applied successful marketing strategies that result in long-term business development skills.

● Sales and Marketing product development feedback.

● Social media marketing campaigns and page management to generate business.

My AHA moment:

I found myself running from sales and being a sales person - but I am an entrepreneur and actually good at sales. I always attracted or found myself in the same sales roles (telemarketing) I was running from. I started looking within.

What do I dislike about Sales? Realized I’d bought into the stigma of sales.

What do I like about Sales? I like helping people with clarity and guidance (my Sales style is Consultative - we’ll delve more into finding your Sales style in the course).

What part of Sales am I good at? Building rapport and relationships is my JAM! I am naturally good at connecting with people - I have a high EQ (Emotional Quotient/Intelligence) but am also assertive, honest, transparent. Funny thing too - I discovered that Inside Sales (involving phone sales) is in my personality. I took a predictive quiz to assess my personality and how it plays into my career path(s).

We’re also going to do all of this for you too!

I see a need for helping people get in alignment with their purpose. Much of the work involved in finding your purpose if doing the internal work - asking yourself those tough questions and breaking down thoughts & feelings in order to build them back up. I also see many people who are afraid to sell themselves in order to fulfill their purpose and follow their dreams.

If you're...

...a sales team lead with a Sales team needs development independent employee or self-employed professional

...a solorepreneur

...transitioning careers to the workforce

...dislike sales but know you need to change your perception in order to make money

...just wanting more confidence in presenting yourself

...needing more clarity on your purpose

Take the course!

The work we do is not only for entrepreneurial endeavors, but can be used in employment situations and even just in life - social settings especially networking, negotiating with your spouse or children, creating and working on side projects.