These are some of the awesome Patron Perks our members offer to their fans

I have helped hundreds of writers get from IDEA to PUBLISHED book. Now I will help you. Greg Smith is a writing coach, editor, and publisher. He founded the Agile Writer Workshop in 2011 with the mission of finding a method to help beginning writers complete a first-draft in 6 months. The Agile Writer Method is based upon the writings of experts in mythology, screenwriting, psychology, and a little project management. He also co-authored the Reel Heroes series; books on heroes in the movies. His seminars on the Agile Writer Method have informed and delighted thousands of writers, scholars, and university students. Since 2011, Agile Writer authors have completed dozens of first draft novels and 10 published novels. Greg is a developmental editor for novelists and memoirists. He also coaches authors through the self-publishing maze. Greg runs the popular Agile Readers Book Club where new writers can get a 'beta' read from a dozen or more readers. Greg can be reached at and
Become a character in the brand new creature story world we are creating as a back story to support a brand new con. The $2500 that we are asking in return will be used to secure the venue for the con currently set for 2019. We will be spending the next year getting information out about the con and developing the back story. We see it as a truly transmedia project that will not only cross mediums, but will also cross over at times with a mystery book series that is already established in our area, that is written by a very good friend of mine. What a great opportunity to become a character in a brand new world! As we get things developed we will be offering other perks such as signed, numbered, limited edition prints of the creature as we get visual representations locked in. Thank you for your time and participation in this project!
I am in the flesh. This Broadcast is aired live whenever someone has a personal or judgemental question about what depression does to A human being. Fighting the battle against that alone can DESTROY millions if its not contained like a virus.😷👈
This item has been aired and reviewed by IHEARTRADIO and is also found helpful to clear thoughts of depression for some and lostness.

Watermelon tourmaline slices for $2.25 per ct.
Purple spinel from Pakastan. 16 usd per ct. 54 ct lot available.
Our new documentary titled "Party Portuguese" exclusive to #Win4News August 23, 2018 live from Osasco Sao Paulo our #Win4News collaborative team is seeking collaborators to work on a new documentary titled Party Portuguese! Our goal is to enter this documentary into the 2019 Cannes Film Festival in France. We are crossing across the intersections of culture, customs, lamguage, music, families, communities and countries to presemt a history of parties past, present and future. Senior executive producers of this video are Wladimir Ligeirinho, Aline G. Oliveira and Daniel Roy Baron. We take to our streets, slums, wilderness reporting the local and international news. Survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times as we help struggling have nots become thriving haves. Our mission is to grow #W4N and hire international backpack journalist talk show hosts. We report on the stories other media either ignores or hides. Best regards, Backpack @DanielRoyBaron on most social media @WinNewsNetwork #Win4News Learn more about #Win4News
1 ct swat emerald from pakastan. Nice transparency and great cut.
19.90 emerald from Ethiopia asking price is $355 per ct.
Lot of natural garnets 63ct total price is $10.50 per ct
34 ct of awesome emeralds from Pakastan’s. Excellent for jewlery makes or collectors. Priced at $47 per ct. price includes shipping.
Tourmaline from Pakastan. Excellent material for jewlery makers. Price is $9.25 per ct. and includes shipping.
Awesome tourmaline from pakastan. Great for making jewlery.
54 ct tourmaline excellent jewlery material
4.90 ct swat emerald from Pakastan.
Very clean very active Instagram user data base available. Note: my data bases are the best. They fresh clean and verified. Pure value for the data fiend doing the data lean with the most active emails on the web:)
DVD of Entire Movie - 90 min. Dr. Lisa The 50 episode youtube series has been edited into a 90 minute movie. Lisa Schaefer will sign the DVD insert. Great gift for anyone who has been through it - in other words: All Women. #metoo Price includes shipping & handling.
Signed copy of Budget Justified book, 320pp Dr. Lisa Dr. Schaefer will sign a copy of Budget Justified: The Waste, Fraud, & Abuse of Government Workers and send via USPS. Book is 320 pages and provides details about what went on in FAA offices that inspired each of the movie scenes. Price includes shipping & handling.
Lisa Schaefer will Skype or Hangouts your book club meeting to discuss Budget Justified Dr. Lisa Hold a Book Club meeting with 10 of your friends to discuss Budget Justified and the author, Lisa Schaefer, will speak live via Skype or Google Hangouts for 45 minutes during your meeting. Dr. Schaefer will contact you to arrange a day and time.
Sneak Preview of the Next 5 min. Scene of Lisa's Catholic High School Movie Dr. Lisa You'll get to view the director's cut of the next scene we shoot, "The Barbecue," where Lisa meets the brothers' dad and he asks about her grades.
Wardrobe from Blog Episode: Pink Fringe Jacket Dr. Lisa Blazer Lisa wore in the episode where she & Charlie discuss a comedy blog post Lisa wrote about the All Hands Meeting. Bright pink boucle, 2007 style, with fringes around the edges. Size 12. Lisa will personally sign the lining with sharpie. Only 1 available. Price includes shipping & handling.
Lisa will Personally Post on Your Facebook Wall Dr. Lisa In a future update to CrowdPublish.TV, you'll have a comment wall for authors & filmmakers to leave inspiring or humorous posts. But for now we'll just do facebook.
I'll Post on your facebook wall or mention you in a tweet every week for 4 weeks Penny LeLeux I will write a tip of the week on your facebook wall or in a tweet to you every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks. Please state whether you'd prefer a facebook post or tweet.
We'll write a 30-line story together on your Facebook wall or your latest Instagram picture Penny LeLeux I will write a the first sentence of a story on your facebook wall or latest instagram photo. You write the second line. I'll write the third and we'll keep taking turns until I've written 15 lines, resulting in a 30 or more line story (more lines if your friends join in). Please state whether you'd prefer a facebook post or instagram comment.
Patrons Only behind the scenes Secrets Penny LeLeux I'll email you my Patrons Only news blog that contains Secrets about what happened this month behind the scenes in the con we are working on and the development of the new creature story world being developed to support it. - Be the first to get the updates.
Consultation package Ray Samuels We will set up seven phone appointments for a half hour each over the next two weeks to discuss any questions you may have or any advice you are seeking regarding critical steps needs to produce and sell and high quality and mass-marketable book.
One Hour of Consultation on Marketing, Technology and Innovation Timothy Patterson I’m pioneering the emerging market of mass customization. As with any disruptive technologies, new perspectives and findings are part of the first in class process. As such, I’ve developed some rather lucrative and futuristic approach that can benefit just about any business or individual. If you are thinking about starting your own business venture, or are currently involved in a business, my consultation is probably for you. 3D body data and 200 measurements taken from two pictures from any device connected to the internet. Instagram for the body and mass customization 🤗