These are some of the awesome Patron Perks our members offer to their fans

DVD of Entire Movie - 90 min. Dr. Lisa The 50 episode youtube series has been edited into a 90 minute movie. Lisa Schaefer will sign the DVD insert. Great gift for anyone who has been through it - in other words: All Women. #metoo Price includes shipping & handling.
Signed copy of Budget Justified book, 320pp Dr. Lisa Dr. Schaefer will sign a copy of Budget Justified: The Waste, Fraud, & Abuse of Government Workers and send via USPS. Book is 320 pages and provides details about what went on in FAA offices that inspired each of the movie scenes. Price includes shipping & handling.
Lisa Schaefer will Skype or Hangouts your book club meeting to discuss Budget Justified Dr. Lisa Hold a Book Club meeting with 10 of your friends to discuss Budget Justified and the author, Lisa Schaefer, will speak live via Skype or Google Hangouts for 45 minutes during your meeting. Dr. Schaefer will contact you to arrange a day and time.
Sneak Preview of the Next 5 min. Scene of Lisa's Catholic High School Movie Dr. Lisa You'll get to view the director's cut of the next scene we shoot, "The Barbecue," where Lisa meets the brothers' dad and he asks about her grades.
Wardrobe from Blog Episode: Pink Fringe Jacket Dr. Lisa Blazer Lisa wore in the episode where she & Charlie discuss a comedy blog post Lisa wrote about the All Hands Meeting. Bright pink boucle, 2007 style, with fringes around the edges. Size 12. Lisa will personally sign the lining with sharpie. Only 1 available. Price includes shipping & handling.
Lisa will Personally Post on Your Facebook Wall Dr. Lisa In a future update to CrowdPublish.TV, you'll have a comment wall for authors & filmmakers to leave inspiring or humorous posts. But for now we'll just do facebook.
Facebook Thank You MaryAnn Keyser I will personally thank you on Facebook
Post 3 behind the scenes photos to your instagram MaryAnn Keyser On my next day of filming, I will take 3 behind the scenes photos from the set and post them to your instagram page.
Make an appearance and hang out at your party MaryAnn Keyser METRO PHOENIX ONLY I will come to your party, get-together, company event, etc. I will talk about my latest movie including behind the scenes stories. Other topics are possible, just let me know what you have in mind. One hour maximum.
30 second video MaryAnn Keyser I will create a video running 30 seconds long. Content to be confirmed first. Examples: -Behind the scenes introduction of cast and crew on my latest film -Reading of a scene from my latest film -Reading of a scene from a script you wrote -Video saying how awesome you are -Etc
Come Behind the Scenes on my latest film MaryAnn Keyser I'll bring you to the set of my latest film and introduce you to the cast and crew.
West Los Scandelous Trailer Legendary Ali Short Trailer of the Classic Urban Novel turned Series Also Ep 2 Part One #BookstoMovies #UrbanCulture #Novels #Webseries FB TRAILER: