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Watermelon tourmaline from Pakastan
Watermelon tourmaline slices for $2.25 per ct.
Buy for $2.25!

Tourmaline 54 ct total $9.25 per ct. price includes shipping
Tourmaline from Pakastan. Excellent material for jewlery makers. Price is $9.25 per ct. and includes shipping.
Buy for $9.25!

Tourmaline from pakastan. 32 ct. @ 9.25 per ct. includes shipping.
Awesome tourmaline from pakastan. Great for making jewlery.
Buy for $9.25!

54 ct tourmaline 9.25 per ct
54 ct tourmaline excellent jewlery material
Buy for $9.25!

Lot of 63 ct garnet 10.50 per ct
Lot of natural garnets 63ct total price is $10.50 per ct
Buy for $10.50!

Spinel $16 per ct. total lot size 54 ct.
Purple spinel from Pakastan. 16 usd per ct. 54 ct lot available.
Buy for $16.00!

34 ct emerald lot $47 per ct. price includes shipping
34 ct of awesome emeralds from Pakastan’s. Excellent for jewlery makes or collectors. Priced at $47 per ct. price includes shipping.
Buy for $47.00!

One Hour of Consultation on Marketing, Technology and Innovation
I’m pioneering the emerging market of mass customization. As with any disruptive technologies, new perspectives and findings are part of the first in class process. As such, I’ve developed some rat... more
Buy for $50.00!

1ct swat emerald from pakastan
1 ct swat emerald from pakastan. Nice transparency and great cut.
Buy for $80.00!

19.90 ct Ethiopia emerald asking $355 per ct. awesome stone.
19.90 emerald from Ethiopia asking price is $355 per ct.
Buy for $355.00!

Fine gems stones from Pakastan and Australia
4.90 ct swat emerald from Pakastan.
Buy for $500.00!

Instagram data base ... highly radioactive data .... so fresh n so clean data for marketers
Very clean very active Instagram user data base available. Note: my data bases are the best. They fresh clean and verified. Pure value for the data fiend doing the data lean with the most active ... more
Buy for $750.00!